Field to Fermenter program puts more buzz in beer

Fri August 11, 2017

What do honey and beer have in common? Both are made right here in Downers Grove! The Downers Grove Park District and Alter Brewing Company are offering a new special one-day excursion where participants will learn all about honey, brewing and how the two come together to produce some delicious beer. 

The Field to Fermenter program will be held from 9:30 am to 2 pm on Saturday, Sept. 9. The day will begin and end at Alter Brewing Company located at 2300 Wisconsin Avenue #213 in Downers Grove. Transportation to and from Lyman Woods will be provided. Registration for the program costs $50 per person and is available online at

A generous sponsorship from Alter Brewing Company provided the funds for Lyman Woods to install five brand new hives that have been harvested specifically for an exclusive new brew—Lyman Woods Honey Wheat Ale. This new ale will be revealed at the Park District’s 2017 Harvest Fest and DG 5 & 8 Miler held at Fishel Park on Sept. 30. However, participants in the Field to Fermenter program will be the first to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Participants will begin the day at Alter Brewing Company and travel to Lyman Woods where they will learn from experts about the rich history of local beekeeping and the science behind how honey is made. At Lyman Woods, they will suit up and visit the apiary, harvest honey from the hives, and take part in a honey tasting. The experience will then journey to Alter Brewing Company where the head brewer will give a tour of the facility and explain the basics of brewing.

After lunch in Alter's new Barrel Room, the day will conclude with an FAQ session with the beekeepers and brewers and pre-release pint of the limited Lyman Honey Wheat Ale made by Alter Brewing Company with Lyman Woods honey. Participants will take home a 32 oz crowler of the limited edition beer.      

The ticket includes:

  • Transportation to and from Lyman Woods
  • Honey tasting and light snacks
  • Lunch in Alter Brewing's new Barrel Room
  • A pint of Lyman Woods Honey Ale
  • A pre-release crowler of Lyman Woods Honey Ale to take home
  • Tour of Alter Brewing Company
  • Tour and hands-on beekeeping demonstrations at Lyman Woods