fall YOUTH soccer LEAGUE

Players will be registered individually during the open registration process. Volunteer coaches are needed. Leagues may be combined and/or co-ed based on low enrollment. Players must purchase DGPD uniforms in order to play. Uniforms available for purchase at Soccer 2000, 224 Ogden Ave. A coaches meeting will be scheduled for late July. Information will be emailed.

Pre-K to 2nd Grade - R/NR: $75/$90

3rd Grade to 12th Grade - R/NR: $80/$95


June 4 - July 9: Open registration
July 9: Registration deadline
August 6: Practices begin
August 11: Games begin

To register, fill out the registration form below and email it to leagues@dgparks.org or turn it into the Recreation Center or Lincoln Center.


REGISTer online


Puffer School Practice Grids

McCollum Park Practice Grids

Hillcrest school Mccollum park game fields
Highland schooL Whitlock park game fields
INDIAN TRAIL school O'brien park game fields

coaching guides

dgpd k-3rd grade
chicago fire 6-8 years
dgpd 4-5th grade
chicago fire 9-12 years
dgpd 6-9th grade
chicago fire 13-15 years

practice grid concept

The Downers Grove Park District has introduced the practice grid concept to its players in the youth soccer league. These grids were created to help coaches and players transition to the small sided games mentality. Ultimately, it is our goal to help develop player technique, tactical intelligence and mental speed though this concept.

Benefits of playing in smaller spaces:

More touches on the ball

Playing in smaller spaces results in more touches each player receives during play. As the number of touches increases, footwork development increases.

Quicker decision making

Players are forced to think quicker due to less reaction time in a smaller area of space. In order to keep possession of the ball while under pressure, players have think creatively while moving on and off the ball to create the space needed to retain or recover the ball.

Training options

One practice grid can be split into multiple quadrants where groups of players can train at the same time. See images below. There are several types of situational possession drills to create in a small space; 1v1 or 2v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc. More passing options are created as the number of players increase in the space. The level of difficulty to retain possession also increases with each added player.

Overall, the practice grids will enhance technical and tactical skills as players adjust to the speed of play and dimensions of the playing area. This new mentality will ultimately improve their performance during league play on a full field.